Art Van Furniture

Project Summary

Art Van Furniture, an award-winning furniture retailer headquartered in Warren, MI, initiated an innovative new lighting program in early 2012. The program's mandate is to reduce energy costs while maintaining appropriate light quality in every facet of its operations - from retail settings to offices and warehouses.

Research quickly revealed that LED would be the light source to provide the greatest savings in most applications. At the same time, it was evident that finding LED products to acheive desired light quality would be a significant challenge, especially in retail settings. Enter Lumerica.

In late 2012, Art Van sent Lumerica requirements for an LED High Bay fixture to replace 400 watt Metal Halide High Bay Fixtures in retail settings. Shortly thereafter, Lumerica commenced development. What resulted is an LED high bay with the look and feel of traditional architectural high bays, but without the high electricity or maintenance costs. The Lumerica LED High Bay draws 65% less electricity than a 400 watt Metal Halide High Bay fixture, which translates to significant energy savings. And an average first maintenance cycle at an estimated 50,000 hours means even greater savings.

What's more, the Lumerica LED High Bay has the look and feel of a traditional High Bay fixture. " After our contractor installed the first several fixtures, he called and asked if we were sure these were LED High Bays. They looked to him like Metal Halide fixtures." Said David Winowiecki, Manager of Property Management.

The Lumerica LED High Bay will be installed in Art Van Pure Sleep and Clearance Centers as Art Van Furniture expands its reach into new markets, including Chicago, Indianapolis, and Toledo.

"By working with Lumerica to develop a customized solution to each application for LED lighting, Art Van Furniture has realized a significant reduction in energy usage, enabling Art Van Furniture to be recognized by our energy providers for "Outstanding Achievement" and "Leadership" in energy conservation."- David Winowiecki, Manager of Property Management, Art Van Furniture

Lights Installed

LED High Bay

Key Benefits


  • Reduced lighting electricity consumption by 65%

Light Quality

  • Maintained desired look


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Furniture appearance
  • Operating costs