Bayview Yacht Club

Project Summary

Founded in 1915, Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit, MI has evolved into a premier yacht club. Club members represent Bayview at prestigious sailing events all over the world, and the club's facilities allow it to host numerous events through the year - from internationally sanctioned regattas to learn to sail classes for all ages - all packed within a 6 month sailing season. Such a wide range of events in a short period of time means ensuring the club is operating as efficiently as possible is paramount. "It takes a lot of effort to put events together, so whatever we can do to save time and conserve resources, we need to do." said club manager Mark Steffke. "In 2011 we started looking into energy-efficient lighting, and in 2012 we started implementing upgrades to LED products."

Lumerica first replaced aging HID wallpacks and floodlight fixtures on the clubhouse exterior and in the parking lot. Several months later, lamps in recessed can fixtures inside the club were replaced, and in 2013 LED tubes took the place of fluorescent lamps and ballasts in the kitchen and offices.

After the upgrade to LED technology, Bayview Yacht Club will use 75% less lighting energy with LED than with the original HID technology. Overall project payback is an average of 2 years, and the long life of the LED products means they won't need to be replaced for 8 to 10 years under normal operating conditions. "That saves us a lot of time and energy." said Steffke.

"We knew it would be a benefit to upgrade our lighting, but were initially concerned about the quality of light, and product. The first time we saw the Lumerica LED products in service, we were impressed. But what is more impressive is the savings. It really is unbelievable how LED lighting can lower electricity bills, and it's nice to know products made right here in Michigan are making such a difference. "- Mark Steffke, Manager, Bayview Yacht Club

Lights Installed

Key Benefits

  • Reduced lighting electricity consumption by 75%
  • Reduced maintenance costs by $2,100 annually
Light Quality
  • More light, and more even light across entire facility
  • 2 Years
  • 10 Years to first maintenance
  • Operating costs
  • Safety
  • Productivity