Charter One Bank

Project Background

Builtin 1975, the American Center is a 26 story high-rise office tower in Southfield, Michigan. Like many modern-architecture towers, its exterior is laden with golden glass, and it is topped with a highly visible lighted sign operated by it's major tenant, Charter One Bank. Such a visible sign comes at a price -electricity in particular.

In late 2012, Lumerica was approached by Dynalectric, the electrical contractor charged with maintaining the backlighting of the Charter One Sign -they had also been charged with finding a replacement light source for the inefficient existing metal halide lamps -the electricity bill to backlight the sign presented a significant opportunity for cost savings.

Several weeks of Lumerica research and development resulted in an 89 watt LED retrofit kit to replace the existing 400W Metal Halide lamps and attendant ballasts. It was clear upon installation that the light provided was more than adequate for the application. What became more clear after replacing all 144 fixtures in the sign was an 80% reduction in electricity, resulting in estimated $35,000 in annual savings.

Lumerica's LED retrofits are also completely modular and can be serviced to last additional life cycles. No need to replace the entire fixture at the end of component life, just replace the necessary part.

"The stuff that these guys can do with LED lighting is incredible. They are way ahead of the curve."
Wm "Tiny" Runge, Service Manager, Dynalectric

Lights Installed

  • LED Sign Backlighting Retrofit

Key Benefits


  • Reduced lighting electricity consumption by 80% saving over $35,000 annually.
  • Reduced annual maintenance by over $3,000

Light Quality

  • More light, and more even light


  • 2 Years


  • Look of light from sign
  • Operating Costs