Interstate Outdoor Advertising

Project Summary

In early 2013, Interstate Outdoor Advertising began testing LED light fixtures for lighting advertising sign faces in various locations -the goal being to determine if LED as a light source was a viable option to replace 400W Metal Halide fixtures on 14' x 48' bulletins and 12' x 25' posters.

After installation of Lumerica LED fixtures, Interstate Outdoor consistently sees a 75% reduction in energy usage when compared to the Metal Halide fixtures they replaced. A 50,000 hour component life also means a minimum of 10 years of operation before maintenance is required -Lumerica's fixtures are also completely modular and can be serviced to last additional life-cycles.

Last, but not least, the Lumerica LED Fixtures provide a cleaner, fresher look to the sign faces.

"The results have been impressive.... we are looking forward to working with Lumerica as we move ahead with our conversion to LED fixtures."
Jeffrey Gerber, Chief Operation Officer, Interstate Outdoor Advertising, LP

Lights Installed

Key Benefits


  • Reduced lighting electricity consumption by 75%
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Light Quality

  • More light, and more even light


  • Dependent upon annual usage
  • 50,000 avg. hours to first maintenance


  • Visibility
  • Operating costs