Lakeshore Healthcare Group

Project Summary

Lakeshore Healthcare Group operates three 5-Star Skilled Nursing and Specialty Care Centers in Detroit, Michigan. A key component of care and healing is making a comfortable, home-like environment for residents. LED lighting from Lumerica and its manufacturing partner TOGGLED is helping to ensure such an environment, while saving Lakeshore Healthcare group significant electricity and maintenance costs.

At all three Lakeshore Healthcare Group facilities -Cranbrook, Elmwood, and Woodward -several thousand four foot fluorescent T12 and T8 tubes were replaced with LED tube retrofits manufactured by TOGGLED, and dozens of exterior fixtures -from wallpacks to floodlight and parking lot fixtures were replaced with LED fixtures from Lumerica.

After doing so, Lakeshore Healthcare Group is realizing almost $50,000 per year in electricity savings, in addition to an estimated $7,000 per year in maintenance. And with an average rated life of 50,000 hours, that means the LED tube retrofits operating 16 hours per day will last an average of 8.5 years before requiring replacement.

"Our seniors and other individuals who need care should have a home away from home when they come to us for healthcare. Light quality is important to achieving the home-like setting. Lumerica helped us achieve this while making an appreciable difference in operating costs ."
Manoj Prasod, President, Lakeshore Healthcare Group.

Lights Installed

Key Benefits


  • Reduced lighting electricity consumption by 60% saving $50,000 annually
  • Reduced maintenance costs by over $7,000 annually

Light Quality

  • Matched or exceeded existing light levels


  • 1.5 to 3 years (varies by facility)


  • Patient and Caregiver Satisfaction
  • Operating Costs