Raymond James & Associates

Project Summary

Since 1962, Raymond James & Associates has built a great reputation as a financial services firm, and when it came time to look into upgrading the exterior lighting at its Southfield Michigan Operations Center, the facilities management didn't hesitate to look at the project as an investment.

"We did a lot of homework," said Lisa Kerr, Office Services Supervisor. "We looked at several different light sources and it was clear to us that it was time to convert to LED technology. The team at Lumerica helped us understand how LEDs would work for us from both light output and cost perspectives. They made the transition easy."

In the first phase of conversion, 400W High Pressure Sodium fixtures were replaced with 138W LED fixtures, resulting in a 70% reduction in electricity consumption in the parking lot. Phase two saw an additional 35 fixtures replaced with a mix of LED wallpacks, floodlights, sign lights, and walkway fixture retrofits.

The conversion to LED lighting will create savings of more than $3,000 a year in maintenance costs due to the long life of Lumerica LED light fixtures. Lumerica's LED Fixtures are also completely modular and can be serviced to last additional life cycles. No need to replace the entire fixture at the end of component life, just replace the necessary part.

"We love our lights!!!"
Lisa Kerr, Office Services Supervisor, Raymond James & Associates

Lights Installed

Key Benefits


  • Reduced lighting electricity consumption by 70% saving over $12,000 annually
  • Reduced annual maintenance by over $35,000

Light Quality

  • More light, and more even light


  • 2.8 Years
  • 11 Years to first maintenance


  • Safety and security
  • Look and feel of garage
  • Operating