Case studies

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) in Livermore, California is committed to providing a world class and safe learning environment. A significant part of this commitment entails cutting costs, reducing energy consumption, and eliminating waste. One major step in this direction has been upgrading exterior lighting at school district parking lots with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED Light Fixtures from Lumerica.

Pursuant to California’s Prop 39 program and a grant from Pacific Gas & Electric, over 150 Lumerica LED Light Fixtures were installed in 19 different locations. The vast majority of the fixtures replaced were 250 watt High Pressure Sodium fixtures which, when factoring in ballasts, drew 295 watts of electricity. The new Lumerica LED fixtures draw just 57 watts; LVJUSD will use 80% less lighting energy with LED than with the original technology.

The aforementioned grant monies and rebates allowed the District to see a payback by way of electricity savings almost immediately. The District will also save more than $5,000 a year in maintenance due to the long life of Lumerica LED Light Fixtures. Moreover, Lumerica’s Fixtures are also completely modular and can be serviced to last additional life cycles.

"There are a lot of maintenance benefits. In addition to saving energy and lowering our electric costs, we also enjoy the benefit of a much greater life-cycle. LED lighting technology will last an average 5 times longer than conventional parking lot lighting. This means less service calls and time needed to replace light fixtures."

Mike Nagel, Executive Director of Maintenance and Operations

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District