Case studies

M&N Plastics

M&N Plastics in SterlingHeights, MI is a leading supplier of custom functional plastic injection molded products where attention to detail is critical to their continued success.

Three years ago M&N, like so many other companies, switched from traditional Metal Halide High Bays to more cost effective T5 fluorescent fixtures. Degradation of the tubes and constant ballast issues made it necessary for M&N to also use several of the old MH High Bays. M&N now needed both lighting technologies to maintain a satisfactory light level.

M&N replaced their original MH High Bay Fixtures and the newer T5 Fixtures with Lumerica LED High Bay Fixtures. By replacing 90 fixtures with 72 LED fixtures, the energy savings became significant. M&N will be saving over $17,000 annually in energy alone and another $3,000 in maintenance. Total payback will be 1.25 years with first maintenance schedule at 8+ years.

Lumerica’s LED Light Fixtures are also completely modular and serviceable to last another life cycle. No need to replace the entire fixture, just replace the necessary part at the end of life cycle.

"We take tremendous pride in our employees and the work they do. We now have state-of-the-art technology to help us continue to build on our reputation. Our facility is now a showpiece.

M&N Plastics