Case studies

Quantum Graphics

Founded by print veterans with over 80 combined years of traditional and digital printing experience, Quantum Graphics was one of the first printing companies in the Midwest to perform flatbed digital printing. Their commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology continues to keep them ahead of the printing industry. This commitment is far reaching, and it includes the lighting they use in their printing facility.

“We installed T5 Fluorescent High Bays, and after only two years, it seemed like we were replacing ballasts on a weekly basis.” said Mike Burton, President of Quantum Graphics. “It just didn’t make sense to continue with that technology, it was time to do something.” Lumerica listened, and tailored an LED solution to meet Quantum Graphics’ needs.

Fifty-seven T5 High Bay fixtures drawing over 350 watts were replaced with an equal number of Lumerica LED High Bay fixtures drawing just over 120 Watts -a 65% reduction in electricity draw. What’s more, a rated component lifetime of 50,000 hours means no maintenance for many years -no more replacing lamps and ballasts on a weekly basis.

Lumerica’s LED fixtures are completely modular and can be serviced to last additional life cycles. No need to replace the entire fixture at the end of component life, just replace the necessary part.

"They really got it right for us. Lumerica helped us stay ahead curve, and we appreciate it."

Mike Burton, President

Quantum Graphics