Case studies

The Auto Palace

The Auto Palace is a premier luxury auto dealership exclusive to highline and exotic pre-owned automobiles. It takes pride in providing the best quality automobiles for the most competitive price. When moving to their new facility on Dequindre just north of 8 Mile Rd. in Warren MI, lighting was of the utmost importance – not only for showing cars, but for creating memorable customer experience.

Lumerica consulted with dealership owner Nick Namouu before configuring LED lighting layouts and providing LED products for the dealership interior -from the reception area to the showroom and offices. The result: a modern look and feel that helped transform an open, large space into a facility where potential car buyers can experience, not just look at, luxury cars.

Not only does LED light provide a nice look and feel, The Auto Palace will be realizing tremendous savings – an average 80% reduction in electricity that would have been used had they installed traditional lighting. “The lower our cost of operation, the better deal we can give our customers. Lumerica really made a difference for us. And I like the idea of having serviceable fixtures – it’s much more cost-effective to replace parts than the entire fixture when it comes time to service them.” continued Nick.

Combining great lighting with tremendous cost savings is a winning combination for The Auto Palace. To see how Lumerica LED lighting is helping to ensure The Auto Palace’s continued success, visit their website at or simply stop by the showroom.

"We consistently receive positive feedback about the lighting. It makes the cars look new and energizes the showroom - a tremendous impact on the buying experience."

Nick Namouu, President

The Auto Palace